A Call to Prayer

Tomorrow morning at 8am Eastern Time join me in praying for America.

I mean at 8am, stop what you are doing and get on your face.

Pray for the family and friends of George Floyd.

Pray for Derek Chauvin, his family and his friends.

Pray for the other officers who were present when Mr. Floyd was murdered – their family and friends

Pray for the police officers and their families across the nation

Pray for the government officials local and national

Pray for the protestors

Pray for the rioters

Pray for the business owners who have lost or damaged business.

Pray for our children and our future.

Pray for change.

Pray for a heart like God’s. Pray to love like He loves.

I’m not asking you to sign up for anything. I am not asking you to prove that you did it. You know we need to do it just as well as I do. I’m not going to go Live because I’ll be on my face crying out to God.

Will you join me in pray for our country? Tomorrow morning at 8am. Set a reminder on your phone.

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