Be Doers of the Word

Christianity is an action verb. Believers should be active: participating, witnessing, fellowshipping, worshipping, living out our faith, doing what the Word says.

Being a believer isn’t simply intellectual – reciting verses, knowing stories, listing the Ten Commandments…knowing about God. Being a believer is about having your life changed so that you not only think differently, but you act differently.

Being a believer should change the way you behave. Knowing God’s Word presents you with your true self. It causes you to see your sin and your need for salvation. However, knowing God and His Word should also produce an action or a response, and that response should be a change in behavior. Believers should live according to what the Word says.

Image Credit: Abide – follow the “Abide” link for a 3 minute meditation from the Abide blog about walking your talk.


What is God calling you to do as a result of knowing His Word? How are you living out God’s Word today?

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This post was inspired by an inductive study of James Chapter 1. Read James Chapter 1 in the New International Version here.

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