The Story God Gave You

“Go,” Jesus told eleven men.  “Make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you…”

Today we call it The Great Commission: it is the Christian’s authorization to act on God’s behalf and to spread the Good News of what His Son Jesus did when He came to earth as a man, died on the cross for our sins, and rose from the grave to defeat death and sin so we could be with Him for eternity.

But it’s more than just permission to do it; it’s really a command.

We have to do it.

Our love for God compels us to do it.

As we are going, trying to win people for Christ, we can use our personal testimony as a way to soften a heart and plant a seed that might eventually become part of the harvest.

What is testimony?

Testimony is:

  • your witness.
  • your profession of your experience of God.
  • your open acknowledgement of God.
  • the story of your relationship with God and what He’s done in your life.

You give witness to God, His Word, and the Gospel when you share your story (your testimony).

I introduced myself and my blog to readers back in October 2017 by sharing my testimony – the story of how I met Jesus and what has happened in my life since then.

What do you share in your testimony?

The first thing to include in your story is how you came to be saved.

Many people can tell you specific details about their original salvation experience: the date, where they were, who they were with, etc.  You may have such an experience.

Others, like me, know the pieces of the process that led us to accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior but may not have quite as many details.

Either way, you should be able to point to some kind of salvation experience: a time when you believed in Jesus, trusted Him with your life, asked Him to come live in your heart, and changed from the person you were before into a new creation in Him.

This part of your story can help people understand why you chose to believe and hand over your life.  They may be able to relate because they had a similar experience.  Or it may answer some of their questions about God.

But your story doesn’t end with your salvation.

No, if you’ve been saved for more than  5 minutes, you should have more to tell.

Another thing people need to see is how God has worked in your life since He saved you: how He provided in times of need, comforted in times of struggle, or encouraged in times of doubt.

You can attest to His guidance in decisions you’ve made, His skill in pruning unnecessary interests and activities from you life, His care in convicting you to change, or His mercy in opening your eyes to the Truth.

All this weaves into your story.  God did it all in you and through you…

Do you know why?

He did it to show Himself TO you.


He did it to show Himself THROUGH you .

He gave you a story so you could share it with other people and help lead them to Jesus.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go and tell it already 🙂





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