Day 5 – Challenge Update

We have two more days left on our challenge. This week, we have been encouraging each other to spend more time with God than we do reading/watching the news. This idea came from my pastor’s sermon this past Sunday, and I have been trying to keep it to the best of my ability.

How have you done with the challenge so far?

On day 5, I only managed a short amount of quiet time – probably less than 30 minutes. So, I kept away from Facebook as much as possible – only logging 6 minutes.

If you’ve just now found this challenge, today is your day 1. You can go back and read the first few messages that explain the challenge and my previous updates. Let me know that you’ve joined us and how you’re doing on the challenge.

***To help you get an idea of what a quiet time could be like, I asked a variety of people to share what they do to spend time with God. Here’s what Krystil had to say –

I think the best way to start a quiet time is just to start. It sounds simplistic, but I think it actually is. Too often we make this out to be more complicated than it needs to be. I try to remember that God just wants time with me. Whatever that looks like, He wants my heart to desire Him. And He always knows my intent. So whether I’m doing it first thing in the morning, which is my personal preference, or if I’m doing it in the afternoon at work, or if I’m doing it before I go to bed, He desires me. I try to let that keep me from worrying about the “how.” But I do try to make it a discipline since I always prioritize the things that are most important to me. 

Honestly, I think there is value in just opening the Word and reading it and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to you. However, having a guide can help a lot. I’ve gone through periods where I’ve done commentaries, journaling, topical studies, etc. They’ve all worked for different seasons of my life. And they do help me stay focused. But I’ve also done reading through books of the Bible and asking God to show me what He wanted me to know. 

Right now, as a new mom, I don’t have the leisure of just sitting in the morning in front of my Bible like I used to. So I use my morning time while I’m pumping to read. There is a devotional book that I read that also gives a scripture passage to study. So I read the devotional first and then I read the scripture passage. That sometimes leads me to other studies, and I just wait to see what the Lord points out to me. I also use my Bible app in the morning because it is the most convenient right now. But my favorite thing to do when I have down time is to actually open my Bible and spend time reading through a book. I often use The Bible Project videos for greater insight into whatever I’m reading at the time. 

Time varies but on average half an hour. Before my daughter, roughly an hour before work. 

I’m 37 (38 next month), married, teacher, mom, staying home now but normally working full time. 

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