Day 6 – Challenge Update

The time for the challenge is quickly coming to an end – just one day left. It has been a learning experience for me.

What about you?

This morning, I was able to spend just over an hour in quiet – praying, reading my Bible and commentaries on what I read, taking notes, and journaling my thoughts about the reading and journaling another prayer to God. During Day 6, I logged 12 minutes on Facebook.

As I’ve mentioned in some of my other challenge updates, I have been able to spend less time on Facebook, but when I look at the log on the Screen Time setting of my iPhone, I notice that I’m still using the phone a lot throughout the day, even as I manage to stay off Facebook. For instance, on Day 6, I logged over an hour on my Fitbit app with almost 30 minutes of that time happening before 7 a.m.

What in the world was I doing on Fitbit for nearly an hour in one day?

I have no idea, but it is clear that I still have a lot of work to do in minimizing smartphone usage throughout my day as a whole. It still consumes a lot of my time.

I’m curious to hear from you. Did you take the challenge? How have you done each day?

On the days you spent less time watching the news or on social media, what changes did you make in you behavior?

On days that you weren’t able to meet the challenge, what happened?

What have you heard God saying to you during the increased time with Him you’ve spent each day?

***To help you get an idea of what a quiet time could be like, I asked a variety of people to share what they do to spend time with God. Here’s what Tiffany had to say –

For my quiet time, I have to do it in the morning to get my mind right for the day. I like to do studies that make me think and I love to discuss things with other believers. I say a little prayer to get started and I try to give myself enough time to pray afterwards and to sit quietly even if it is just for a couple of minutes.  If I don’t get up before my kids, I won’t get it done. I have also found that on days when I skip my quiet time, I have a harder time doing the things that I know I should do like staying calm when things go crazy. I am 38, a teacher, married with 2 kids and a dog.

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